Trash & Recycling


Town Trash & Recycling

Forest Township maintains a trash dumpster and recycling bins at the town yard for the convenience of Town Residents ONLY. 

Only bagged trash should be placed in the dumpster. The cost for bagged trash is $2.00 per bag which is collected in the honor box next to the dumpster. Other trash items like old televisions, furniture and appliances etc. are only accepted during town clean up days.

The recycling bins are clearly labeled and we greatly appreciate your placing only those items in the correct bins.

Our costs for maintaining this service are about double what we take in.
Please be sure to place your money for bagged trash in the honor box.

County Trash & Recycling

If you have a need to use the county landfill or items to recycle (old appliances, televisions, tires etc. ) you can find a great deal of info at this link to the county website.