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Drug Disposal & Take-back

The drug take-back program is primarily an effort to keep prescription drugs out of the hands of those who seek to abuse them. By destroying unused prescriptions and removing them from our homes, we remove the temptation and opportunity for others to abuse them.

In addition to battling opioid and prescription drug abuse, formal drug disposal is also helpful to prevent prescription medication from contaminating our water and soil. Experts recommend that we refrain from flushing unused medication or placing it in garbage that is destined for landfills or other disposal. Safe destruction of prescriptions, usually through incineration, is the best way for us to dispose of unused drugs.
You will find a lot more information about the continued battle at You will also find an interactive map of the permanent drug disposal locations throughout the State of Wisconsin and guidelines for dropping off unused or expired prescriptions. (Excerpted from Senator Howard Marklein’s Weekly E-Update)

In our area, bring your unused or expired prescription drugs to the Richland County Sheriff’s Office – 181 W Seminary Street, Richland Center, 24/7